Refund and Cancellation Policy

  1. There shall be no Cancellation of Membership after 48 hours of becoming a member as well as for Travel, Members Stay.
  2. If you have canceled Membership Amount will be refunded within 24 hours through NetBanking
  3. There shall be 20% deducted for Cancelling the Membership within stipulated time whatever the fees paid for Membership, Travel, Stay, SPA, food, Liquor, etc.
  4. There shall be 50% of the advance amount be paid by the Member for Travel, Stay, Liquor, food, etc before 30 days of Check-in date and 100% of the amount shall be paid less than 15 days of Check-in date for the same.
  5. Advance booking of Members for Travel, Stay, Spa, Liquor food, etc shall not be more than 90 days.
  6. Lifetime shall mean the Lifetime of a Member once became a Member of B.V.C.